May 11

Morning on the slickrock (Tim’s photo)

Looking southeast  (Tim’s photo)


You tawkin’ to ME? (Tim’s photo)

Ready to pick ‘em up and put ‘em down (Tim’s photo)

Lichen  (Tim’s photo)

We are heading to The Land of Standing Rocks and The Plug where we go back down in

A good half day walk to get to the formations on the horizon

What is he doing now? (Tim’s photo)

Looking east, Eaton’s Penstemon

The Land of Standing Rocks (getting warm)

Red and hot!

Ekker and Elaterite. Looking NNW

The Wall and Lizard Rock

If you were ever here,  you know the names of the formations already

Another panorama

A break in the shade. We are going to head down in to the canyon  (Tim’s photo)

Unbelievable what can grow in the most hostile desert environs (Tim’s photo)

The Plug, Chimney Rock and  Manti La Sals

Heading in to the canyon  (Tim’s photo)

First time for us down this trail

Last look before dropping down in

Bush Encelia?

Looking up canyon

Working down the trail (Tim’s photo)

This trail will make you tired! (Tim’s photo)

No misplaced steps

Tight canyon

A little exposure  (Tim’s photo)

No missteps here!

A hard trail (Tim’s photo)

Working our way down canyon (Tim’s photo)

A scramble up the slickrock (Tim’s photo)

Finally coming to the bottom!  (Tim’s photo)

A clear pool of water (Tim’s photo)

Lavendar Evening Primrose

Day is almost done (Tim’s photo)

Camp for the night

Late dinner, real tired.

Fading light

Ursa Major

Night sky

Falling star

The milky way. Good night

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