May 11

The Fins     

Slickrock camp   

Backlit Fins in the morning     

Lavender Evening Primrose 


Breaking camp 

Pale Evening Primrose

Heading out    

Sacred Datura    

The Photo hiker    

A rock art panel    

A look above the canyon floor

A snake, some sheep, and others    

 A pic for perspective    


A being pecked in to stone   

Sheep and other things  

A group meeting?   

Chippings, Chert

A look out to Wide Valley    


Walking wide valley

Looking east  

Utah sky

Lots of pictographs


Plant forms? 

Animal form    


Plant form? Centipede? Mystical beings?

Supernatural Beings?    

Animals and paw prints?  

Sheep or Mountain Lion?

The Doll House   

Spectacular formation

Hank on the trail     

Lynn walking the jeep trail

Looking to the La Sals

On the other side     

The sun gets low in the sky

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