October 8

Sunrise at Horseshoe

Photographer caught in the act!

Mercedes camping

Interpretive kiosk

Heading to the canyon

Across the slickrock

Old water trough and cattle tank

Nice copse of cottonwoods

Some mule deer

First pictographs

The indigenous people know the meaning

Tim catches Lynn making a picture

Casual hiker

Beautiful work, a few thousand years old?

Desert Bighorn

A close up

Is this a mountain lion by the figure?

Majestic canyon walls

The great gallery

Flute player and magical beings

Amazing works

Quite a group

You cannot help feeling awestruck

A sense of reverence and spiritual energy

A  human in lower right for size reference

Very old and somewhat hidden

A picture for context

An impressive canyon. Jeeps were allowed to drive into here in the 60’s. Thankfully no more!

Fading over the centuries

A look back down in to canyon

Coming out on top. Don’t touch the rock art! Ever!

In 1983 we had a pic of us inside that cattle tank.

Cesspool of the west

Already drying.

Jacob’s Chair

The Bears Ears from Cedar Mesa

Camp for the night

Ursa Major and cold north wind on the mesa

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