September 10


First light

Early morning and clouds

Light leaking into the rocks

Heading out towards The Doll House

The Doll House from afar

Looking west in early morning

A wide shot of The Doll House

Moving north

Looking back to The Doll House

Beehive Arch

Heading north to Water Canyon/Overlook trail

The Colorado River is down there somewhere

Get a little water where you can

You never know if it is going to be there or not

Another climb up

On top traversing the slick rock

Working the trail

Water Canyon is over there somewhere

Lost Trail Tim consulting with the Top gods

No trail markers out there.

Sort of hunt and peck your way through keeping yourself oriented

We are heading in the right direction

Water Canyon. It lives up to its name!

Water up and get some lunch

Nice to see so much water

Heading up canyon

Working our way up canyon

Still some miles to go

Moonrise at camp in upper canyon.10:20pm

©2011 Lynn Cox all rights reserved