September 19

Early morning at camp

foot prep

Breaking camp

Pick ‘em up and put ‘em down!

Heading out early

Abundant moisture

The Chocolate Drops

A click from the trailhead

A nice walk

Happy 70th

Another nice garden

Good walking, nice view

Cottonwood roots defy the flash floods

Strong roots

Morning break

Nice looking pool of water

Paintbrush and Cottonwood

Leaning cottonwood

A cairn in the sun.

More water, unreal!

Lunch time!

A pool near the lunch spot

A place out of the wind

Steep climb out of Horse

Traverse out of Horse Canyon

Working our way to the top

Up again

On another layer

Ekker or Elaterite ? Get it correct already!

Say what??

Tim records our trek

Looking towards The Land of Standing Rocks

The day winds down

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