April 28

Morning at camp, day 5 of the forced march

Waiting for the water to get hot!

First flat spot we found in the dark the previous night

Heading out after breakfast

Lush garden

Navigating the trail

The dark limestone that gives the canyon its name

Sand and rock

Nice walk

Pausing for a drink

An abundance of water

Big cottonwoods

The goddess zips off the pant legs

Walking the creek bed in the bowels of Dark Canyon

Majestic canyon walls

Dark Canyon drops 3000 feel below Elk Ridge

Paintbrush and cottonwoods

A wide area and a break

Beautiful pool

Towering walls

Lunch break near a nice pool

Wind blown hair

Looking back up canyon

Limestone base layer

Navigating a narrow trail

You need to pick the correct side of the narrows or there are problems

Deep and cool

Narrow and deep watercourse

Nice waterfall

A break in the shade

Taking a break after roping the packs up

Climbing up the rocks

Another break already?

Cactus garden

A look at the location of the sundance trail on the horizon

A look down canyon

Final campsite

Later in the day

The Sundance Trail goes up the side of that distant mesa

Making camp

Nice area for the final camp

images © 2004 Lynn Cox  All rights reserved