September 11

Breaking Camp in upper Shot

The exit is up around to the right

Sun getting higher

Straight up for a while

Heading toward the pour off

A break in the shade

Walking the edge

A look down canyon and a hardy pinyon pine

Contemplating the next push

A last look down Shot

You’re going where?

Up the cattle steps

Almost there

On the next layer

Back on top. Quite the views

Chimney Rock and Elaterite

Chimney Rock

The Chocolate Drops

A look  to the west

Orange Cliffs with Bagpipe Buttte lit by the sun

Lynn points to where he thinks we are going.

And just like that we head down again

Tread carefully

Big steps down

A turn here, a twist there

A short break

The bottom of  the canyon

Brimhall Point

Tansyleaf Aster

The Chocolate Drops from down inside the canyon

The harvest scene

The Harvest scene

Small Pictographs


Supernatural beings?

Some smaller pictographs

More images

Mr Goggles with feathers and arrows?

More of The Harvest scene panel

Desert Bighorn sheep?

The flat wall perfect for paintings.

Snakes and beings and journeys

Nice sandstone wall

The full panel


A detail of the seeding.

Tim gets up close

Heading to the junction of two canyons

Making dinner at camp.

Threatening skies and rumbles of distant thunder

Tim pumping water at the end of the days walk

©2011 Lynn Cox all rights reserved