May 9

5am in laundromat after no tent night of drizzle

Tex’s bus to jet boat

Looking down river while boat gets launched

Woo Hoo!

Chill air

2 hour ride to Spanish Bottom

First look at the Doll House from river

We are heading up there

Look out! Danger in the water ahead!

Getting everything arranged.

At Spanish Bottom. We get ride back 7 days

Spanish bottom. Looking east to Needles District

A plethora of spring blooms

A little reference

Up we go!

The top is up there

Clown hiker

One foot in front of the other

At the top. Short break

The Needles and Six shooter

Wide vista

Heading in to the Doll House


Trail boss

Back on the trail

A pictograph

Leaving the Doll House

On the jeep trail for a bit

What a formation!

A tight squeeze

Out in to Wide Valley

Cryptogamic soil. Do not disturb!

Barrel Cactus (photo by Tim)

A large chipping  (photo by Tim)

Cowboy litter from old days (photo by Tim)

Another rusted can at cowboy camp(photo by Tim)

Partially form arrowhead? (photo by Tim)

Clouds building (photo by Tim)

Wind coming at us and looking ominous

Winds and a spring shower

Tim capturing a moment

Rain over the river out there

Rain is coming our way (photo by Tim)

Had to postpone supper until after the blow (photo by Tim)

They day winds down. (photo by Tim)

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