May 2

First Light

Light hitting up high

Getting brighter

Cross bedding

The morning colors


Stevia Dusty Maiden

Moving out in the Morning

Canyon begins to narrow

In the Paria Narrows


Light getting further in to the narrow spot

Tall walls

Looking straight up

Sacred Datura

Hopi Blanket Flower


Evening Primrose

Desert Garden

High Water mark at 12’

Big Rock

Rock Arch

Confluence of Paria and Buckskin

Buckskin Gulch entrance (two hikers on lower left for scale)

Walking up Buckskin (Tim at center bottom)

Bucksking is tight

A wide spot Buckskin. Dwarfs human scale

Tight spot

Narrow with no place to get up

Hard to believe growing in such a narrow slot canyon

Sculpted by water

Narrow spot down canyon from Buckskin

Rock scramble

Camp at mile 10 osrso.

images © 2002 Lynn Cox –all rights reserved