May 12

Alcove with ruins 

Lynn taking pictures 

Desert varnish above a dwelling    

Handprints and stacked rocks left from a structure    

A corncob left by the Old Ones

Tim looking at a metate


A shot for scale   

Another perspective  

Amazing structures

For a size perspective

A view east towards the canyon

Closer view of the metate   

Cold and rain 

Geared up and ready to hit the trail   

A look up canyon to KA

Sleet in the crevices of an old juniper


Another hidden granary        

Another storage structure

Overgrown. Hidden     

The path of a bear

Good sized paw print  

Beating the bushes . Snow on the mountain tops

The creek. Snow on the Abajos

Cold day. Wind and light showers

Quite a city 


Tucked in and protected. A secret way for access?  

Moving on  

Dressed for cool wet weather


Closer to fisheye

Clouds breaking up. Warming trend

Across a meadow

Wedding Ring

Above the creek    

A view over the canyon

A walk in the meadow    


A wall of sandstone  

Ancient frozen sand dunes slowly eroding

As the day winds down. Snow on the mesa 


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