September 14

Kirk Arch early morning  

Heading up and out of Big Pocket

Film at 11

Up high bighorn pictographs

Big horn

Cruising Bighorns

Checking the situation

Across the top

What about the exposure we are gonna walk on?

A look down in

Over the top to Lavender

South fork of Davis Canyon

Heading to Lavender

Rest stop on the way down Lavender

That red stuff was really radiating the heat in the afternoon

Dropping further in to Lavender

Not much of a trail. You can see how Lavender got its name

Bear sign

Closer shot of the bear prints. Didn’t see one thankfully

Pictos in Lavender

More pictographs, maybe a group outing?

The swirled handprints

A little closer shot of the group

An awful lot of handprints

Quite the popular spot

Late in to camp. Moon up. Enough water for dinner. Hope there is some early tomorrow!

© 2008 Lynn Cox all rights reserved