May 16

Early light

Fiery morning sky on the last day of the trip

The pink morning


Breaking camp

The Colorado is down there somewhere

Desert morning colors


The morning light is warm


A serious backpacker, Ha!

Not my choice for a camp…

Tim poses for the obligatory reference image

Same for Lynn

Getting close to the route down to the river

Different light and a field of Prince’s Plume in full bloom

A picture of a picture-taker

Prince’s Plume

The trail to the bottom

More blooming and some nice formations

A last look back

The start down

A look at Spanish Bottom and the Colorado


Pay attention to where you put your feet!

Nice cactus with a look at the top where the trail down starts

I think the trail starts in that notch up there

Campers across the river, upstream from Cataract canyon

The jet boat shuttle

Taking on the canoe folks

Boat going home…

Vroom vroom!

Heading back to Colorado

Globe Mallow on full bloom.

The desert in full bloom

A great end to another trip!

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