September 12

Morning at camp

Moving up canyon under cloudy skies

Tim looking at The Chocolate Drops

Some dirty water


Working up canyon

Pooling water and sand

Along the canyon bottom, Tim at left for scale

Garden of Paintbrush and Hairy Goldenaster?

Lunch break

Lynn pointing to some possible rock art?

Some art on this flat slab

Some very old hidden petroglyphs

Hard to see but maybe 2000 years old?

Fading figures

More markings

Repeating petroglyphs

A lot of art

Faint images

A shot for perspective. Images on wall.

A bushwhack out of the canyon

Up some steps and over the slick rock

Onward and upward

Working our way around another layer of sandstone

Back on top as the sun is setting


Lynn making a picture

Last light of the day

Moonrise 11:05pm

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