September 9

First light on what may be a cloudy day

Breaking camp. Looking west

Heading out in to Ernies Country

Dropping down a layer

Looking up to the boulder field we have to climb over

On the top

Back down through a crack

Working our way towards the Fins and Wide Valley

Down through another gap.

Tight and steep

A look at The Fins

Broom Groundsel (?)

There may be something interesting up there

Petroglyphs, sheep, beings, snake?

Definitely a snake and some sheep.


Another Desert Bighorn sheep?

Insect form?

Three beings , a conversation?


Scorpion form?


Another, what?

The Fins

Painted being

A group

A closer look

A look out to Wide Valley

In wide valley, storm coming

A look from Wide Valley east towards The Needles District

Storming to the Northeast

Storm coming closer

Raining in the desert as we come out of Wide Valley. Doll House in background

Some serious rain, but some not reaching the ground

More Pictographs

Amazing art.

A yucca after blooming?

Forms, people?

Lines and forms

An overview of the panel

A mountain lion? Desert Bighorn sheep?

A mystery

A being or animal?

Seems like water & movement to me

A bear paw?

Another overview of the site

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