September 11


Old fencepost



Kirk Arch

Along the canyon bottom

Ruins in the crack between layers

Granaries and structures

A small fin

Some Penstemmon

Wedding Ring Arch

More Utah Daisy

Break time


Granaries with melon patch

Metate. Arranged potsherds (don’t do this)

Overhang and photographer of melon patch

Recording time and journey


A record of being there

Ancient patterns (again, don’t do this)

A wall

Cloud and rocks

Sunshield figure

Off the valley floor

The hidden multi-colorerd pictograph

Fisheye Arch

Salt Creek

The Four Faces

Fading Face

Grey green pictos

A view across  the canyon

Four Faces again

Getting water to filter

above the Upper Jump

The Upper Jump

Balanced rock

The day winds down

Moisture laden clouds

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