September 16

Sunrise in Wide Valley

Morning look across Wide Valley

The sentinels

Wide valley wash

Coming out of Wide Valley

Wide Valley selfie, The Doll House in background

Looks close, but still a good walk to get there

Up and over the slick rock

Up and out of Wide Valley towards The Doll House

Rock slide barrier

A crawl through


Getting closer to The Doll House

Eroded sandstone

Lunch break

Cheesey bannock

Beehive Arch

Across the river The Needles District

one foot two


Mosit but no water pools



Packs off for a climb up

A little help from a rope

Free climbing, LOL

Working the trail

Butt slide

Heading for a evening campsite

A view of the river

What a river canyon!

Moonrise 8pm

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