September 17

Early light

Leaving camp

Early morning heading to WC

Cross-country to Water Canyon

To Water

Looking towards Water Canyon and Turks Head

Heading for a slide

Heading down

Tim at the top

Taking off pack to rope down


Tim on the way for stage 2

Stage 2

Water Canyon

A little face wash

Tim’s gear

Updating the track

Digging for something

Water canyon looking NE

Water Canyon looking SW

Haeding out of Water

Up through the notch to get to Shot

Looking back at Water Canyon

A last look at Water Canyon

Heading up and over

Up the steps

Up the steps

Time to traverse

Heading up

On Top between Water and Shot

Heading down to Shot

Going down

Down the pour off

Nasty loose stuff

Coming down through a crack

Careful steps

Down through the crack

Tight squeeze

On the bottom

Cruising in Shot

Wide spot in Shot

Getting to the upper end of Shot

End of the  of day

Pano of hillbilly camp


Bedroom for the night

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