September 18

Morning Prep

Heading out of Shot Canyon

Steep steps

Heading to pour offf

Make no missteps

A look down in to Shot

No room for error

Steps leading up the pour off



Finally back on top!

The Chocolate Drops and Orange Cliffs

A final look in to Shot Canyon

Traverse across the top to next trail down

Either up or down

Heading back down from Chimney Rock

Nothing gradual here

Zig-zagging down

Traverse the slick rock

Duh? Down some more?

Packs off for big step down

A surprise pool and a cool little sip

A short break

A shady spot in the canyon bottom for lunch

Back on the trail in the bowels of The Maze

Big Walls

On the way to The Harvest Scene (rain threatening)

Wall of pictographs

A chance encounter

Harvest scene 1


Harvest scene 2

South Fork of Horse

Desert garden


Little raindrops

Cloudy with relief from the hot 90º plus days

Contemplating dinner

Days end

Bedding down

Night sky 1

Night Sky 2 (from sleeping bag)

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