May 10

Morning in wide valley

Packing up

Primrose with dew,  early morning (tim)

Heading out

Crescent Milkvetch

Heading towards the Fins

“I think those are The Fins”



Potholes with water.

Praying to the backpacking gods

Through the crack

The crack

Playing around on the slick rock


More petroglyphs


A break

Working through Ernie’s Country

Small pools, one with even a bit o water

Claret cup (Hedgehog cactus, raven in the sky)

Praying to the sand gods

Heading southwest to a way up

Up the crack to the next level

on top of some Navajo sandstone, I think

Up again

Working his way up from Ernie’s

The Fins are way back there somewhere

Navigating a fallen cottonwood

Up on top, again

Clouds building late afternoon

A break in the shade and a place to spend the night

Crazy Pano

Spring rainstorm of the Colorado river

Wild skies

We never got the rain

a large pothole filled with water (Tim’s pic)

Bannock mix on the fingers

Night sky

Off to sleep

© 2013 Lynn Cox–All rights reserved