April 29

Morning Last day

Looking down canyon

Heading down to the Sundance Trail

We are heading to the trail up

Coming to the base of The Sundance Trail 

A surprise on the way

At the base of the trail to the top!

A pretty steep grade to get to the top

Adjusting before the ascent

Heading up 1150’ in less than a mile

Feels like almost straight up at times

Watch your step!

What a trail!

We started at the bottom by the little green patches

Posing with Dark Canyon in the background

Hard walking

A short breather for a photo op

Pretty steep climb 

Stopping for a photo

A look towards Dark Canyon

Coming out at the top and a look into Dark Canyon

Tim on top

Marianne made it! Dark Canyon off her left shoulder

Lynn looking as goofy as ever. Dark Canyon in the background

The handsome trail boss and keeper of the maps

Well we made it to the top!

Well maybe not all the way to the top

Really? Up again?

One more push to get all the way up

Marianne navigates some steep steps

On the top!

The last leg of the hike. On the way to the Sundance trailhead and vehicle

images © 2004 Lynn Cox  All rights reserved