May 12


Breaking camp

Early morning light in the canyon bottom

Prince’s plume and grumpy

Walking the sandy bottom

Beautiful rock face

 Tim making pictures by a cottonwood

Big bowl

Knarly tree

We sure liked this view

Pictographs, sheep, anthropomorphic figures

Snakes and shaman and creepies, oh my!

A little perspective

Dueling desert bighorns

Mr goggles

A group

A conversation?

Blessings and birds and dachshunds?

In praise of millipedes

Enclosed by bubbles

Millipede? Or tracks in the sand?

The whole panel!

Desert garden

Picture of picture taker


Quite a large gallery of paintings

Only the shadow knows

Up towards the overlook

Interesting forms

Bird form on that rock?

Lunch break

Back on the trail

Heading to top of the canyon again

Photo op

Nice cactus bloom

Barrel and Paintbrush

On the way up

Almost to the top

Can you tell where we came up through?

Finally on the top!

Another day comes to a close

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