May 15

Morning after an overnight rain

After breakfast

The overlook up there    

Heading up canyon  

In and out of the water

Shoes on for now


Flowing stream and formation  

Hank in the toolies!

Big bowl and lots of water  

Short break to clean out the boots

Praying to the pot hole gods

nice water riffles


Natural amphitheater    

Beautiful rock    

Nice day for walking  

Towering formation  

bloom on a prickly pear  

Yellow blooms    

A nice valley

Another garden with blooms

Tiny waterfall

The hiker adjusts and checks bearings  

Fern garden under a moist overhang  

Pumping water before the ascent to the top  

Hank is on the way up. (little red spot in the center )  

Part way up  

The picture maker caught in the act

Hank goes up another layer  

Hank is way up there, but it still not the top of the canyon!

Almost on top as the sun heads to the horizon

Time to get bedded down  

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